Progress update

We have been preparing to move the blue tube to it’s final position. The Velocity Selector is aligned, as is the neutron guide between Velocity Selector and Blue Tube. Vacuum is OK in both systems. We still have to build some shielding around them and the Velocity Selector still has to be fixed to the floor.

In July we’ve had some help from Oliver Frank adjusting the detector translation mechanism. It was a very stimulating visit and Oliver provided a lot of information on what is under the SANS-hood.




Setup allignment

To help us align the instrument we have recently purchased an optical level (Leica DNA03). We decided to design the support ourselves so that we could optimize the stability and handling of the level.

Level + support


To access the blue tubes the tube sections can be moved along the axis of the setup. Due to space issues it will be very difficult to disconnect the cooling water when SANS is at its final position. We have therefore changed the cooling water in- and outlets so that spiralled tubing can be used.

Cooling water, old connections


Cooling water: new connections


The polariser and collimator tubes are mounted on the new support. There were some issues but overall the transfer went flawless. The cable ducts will be mounted soon. When the cables are reconnected and the neutron guides replaced we can start alignment.



New parts!

The new parts for the blue collimator tube are finally here: ITEM tables, mounting material and steel beams.

Item sub-frames
Item sub-frame parts
Steel frame beams
The ‘Wechselbehalter’ junction boxes are installed and connected (one side).