New parts!

The new parts for the blue collimator tube are finally here: ITEM tables, mounting material and steel beams.

Item sub-frames
Item sub-frame parts
Steel frame beams
The ‘Wechselbehalter’ junction boxes are installed and connected (one side).

Current status

Movements in the blue tube have been tested to see if they work properly. We need to change some connections so it seemed wise to check the current situation before that. Everything works fine. We have also connected the Velocity Selector (VS). It works, but more tests are necessary.

At the moment we are trying to solve a problem with the detector translation stage. It seems to skip some of the built in microswitches and therefore changes its current position along the way. On the next valid switchposition the current position is corrected and the cycle restarts.

Blue tube overview
For now: cables from the blue tube
VS and NG-stand